Books Review

Reviews and comments of political scientists to books of their Russian and foreign colleagues, issued within the current or last year, are published under this heading in particular, as a rule thematic, issues.
Monographs, collected articles and periodicals, choosen for review, must have something to do with problems of political science but they can also concern subjects of other humanities, contiguous to political science.
In prospect, we expect to form a representative and detailed enough subject continuum of reviewed editions.

Available only in Russian

In 24.01.2004 issue:
Konstantin Nikolaevich Leont'iev. The Diplomatic Correspondance, Dispatchers, Notes, Reporters (1865 - 1872). Moscow, ROSSPEN, 2003.
Russia. The Chronicle of Main Events for the IX-XX centuries. Moscow, ROSSPEN, 2003.
Firsov S. Russian Church Before the Transformation (the end of 1890 - 1918). Moscow., Dukhovnaya biblioteka, 2002.
The Last War of Emperor Russia / Ed. by O. Airapetov. Moscow., Tri kvadrata, 2002.
Levitski S. Freedom and Accountability: "Foundations of Organic Worldview" and the Works of Solidarism. Moscow, Posev, 2003.

In 04.07.2003 issue:
The Decade of Sociological Observations. Moscow, Institute of "Public Opinion" Foundation, 2003.
Sudman S., Bradburn N. Asking Questions: A Practical Guide to Questionnaire Design. Transl. from English, Moscow, Institute of "Public Opinion" Foundation, 2002.
Walton D. Ad Hominem Arguments. Transl. from English. Moscow, Institute of "Public Opinion" Foundation, 2002.
The Second Electoral Cycle in Russia (1999-2000). Ed. by V.Ya. Gelman, G.V. Golosov, E.Yu. Meleshkinoi. Moscow, "Ves' Mir", 2002.
Bauman Z. The Individualized Society. Transl by the edition of V. L. Inozemtsev. Moscow, Logos, 2002.

In 07.04.2003 issue:

In 31.12.2002 issue:
Diligenskii G.G. People of Middle Class. - Moscow, Institute of "Public Opinion" Foundation, 2002.
America as Seen by Russians Before and After September 11. - Moscow, Institute of "Public Opinion" Foundation, 2001.
Doctorov B.Z., Oslon A.A., Petrenko E.S. The Epoch of Elzin: Opinions of Russians. Sociological Essays. - Moscow, Institute of "Public Opinion" Foundation, 2002.
The World as Seen by Russians: Myth and Foreign Politics. By the edition of V.A. Kolosov. - Moscow, Institute of "Public Opinion" Foundation, 2003.

In 12.12.2002 issue:
Utkin A.I. The First World War. Moscow, Algoritm, 2001; Utkin A.I. The Second World War. Moscow, Algoritm, 2002.
Kotsyubinski D.A. The Russian Nationalism in the Beginning of the XX-th century: the Birth and the Death of All-Russian National Union's Ideology. Moscow, ROSSPEN, 2001.
Shulgin V.V. The Last Eyewittness. Memoirs. Essays. Dreams. Moscow, OLMA-PRESS, 2002.
Nationalism. The Dispute of 1909-1917 years. The Collection of Works / Comprised and commented by M.A. Kolerov. Moscow, Dom intellectual'noi knigi, 2000.
The Problems of Idealism. In the series: Study of the History of Russian Thought. By the edition of M.A. Kolerov. Moscow, Tri Kvadrata, 2001;
Kolerov M.A. "The Problems of Idealism" [1902]. The History and a Context. Moscow, Tri Kvadrata, 2001.
Trubetskoi E.N Works on Philosophy of Law. In the series: Russian Sociology of the XIX-XX-th centuries. Moscow, RHGI, 2001.

In 12.03.2002 issue:
The Institution of Elections in Russian History. Sources, Evidences, Views of Students of the XIXth the Beginning of the XXth century. M., 2001.
Lyubarev A.E. Elections in Moscow for twelve years. ., 2001.
The Elections All Over the World. Electorial Freedom and Social Progress. ., 2001.
The Elections. Electorial Law, Electorial Process in Russian Federation. Dictionary. ., 2001.


In 11.01.2001 issue:
Martin H.-P., Schumann H. The Global Trap, Globalisation and the Assault on Democracy and Prosperit / Transl. from German. M., 2001.
Siedentop L. Democracy in Europe. Preface by V. L. Inozemtsev. ., 2001.
Kean J. Democracy and Civil Society / Transl. from English. ., 2001.
Yanov A. L. Russia: At the Beginnings of Tragedy. 1462-1584. Notes of the Nature and the Genesis of Russian Statehood. ., 2001.
Yunger F.G. Nietzsche / Transl. from German. ., 2001.
Wippermannn W. European Fascism in Comparison. 1922-1982. Novosibirsk., 2000.
Malachov V. "The Discreet Charm of Racism" and other articles. ., 2001.
Hubner K. The Nation: From Oblivion to Rebirth / Transl. from German. ., 2001.
Gouskova E.Yu. History of the Conflict in Yugoslavia. (1990-2000). ., 2001.

In 03.09.2001 issue:
Geopolitical Setting of Russia: Conceptions and Reality. Edited by V.A. Kolosov. M., 2000.
Kaspe S. Empire and Modernization: General Model and Russian Specific Features. M., 2001.
Nationalism: Anthology. Completed by O. Protsenko, V. Lisovii. Kiev, 2000.
Kapitonova N. Priorities of Foreign Politics in Great Britain (1990 - 1997 ). ., 1999.
Dahl H. F. Quisling. A Study in Treachery. Cambridge, 1999.
Semiryaga M. The Collaborationism. Nature, Typology and Manifestations in the Period of the Second World War. M., 2000.
"Forum"-2001. The Problems of Choice. ., 2001.

In 28.07.2001 issue:
Zorin A. Feeeding the Double-Headed Eagle
Russian Literature and Official Ideology in the Last Third of the XVIII the First Third of the XIX century. M., 2001.

In 22.06.2001 issue:
Junger E. A Worker: Domination and Gestalt. Total Mobilization. On Pain. Translated from Deutsch by A.V. Mikhailovski, edited by D.V. Sklyadnev. SPb., 2000.
Berlin I. Philosophy of Freedom. Europe. M., 2001.
Liberal Conservatism: History and Modernity. The Materials of All-Russian Practical Conference. M., 2001.
Malinova O. Liberal Nationalism (from the middle of the XIX till early of the XX ). M., 2000.
Paschenko V. Ideology of Eurasianism. M., 2000.
Stauss L. Introduction to Political Philosophy. Translated from English by M.Fetisov. M., 2000.

In 18.04.2001 issue:

Miller A. The Ukranian Question in the Official Politics and Russian Public Opinion (The Second Half of the XIX Century). SPb., Aleteia, 2000.

Evzerov R. The Ukraine: Together with Russia or Apart? M., Ves Mir, 2000.
Dergachev V. Geopolitics. Kiev, Vira-R, 2000.
Shkil A. The Wind of Empires. The Collection of Works by Geopolitics. Lvov, Eurasia, 2000.
( . ³ . . : , 2000. 48 .)
Obolenski D. Byzantine Commonwealth. Six Byzantine Portraits. M., Yanus-K, 1998.

In 19.01.2001 issue:

Arendt H. Vita Activa, or About Active Life. Translated from Deutsch and English by V.Bibikhin. Edited by D.Nosov. SPb., 2000.

Farman I. Socio-Cultural Projects of Jurgen Habermas. M., 1999.
Furs V. Philosophy of Uncompleted Modernity of Jurgen Habermas. Minsk, 2000.
Habermas J. Moral Consciousness and Communicative Action. Translated from Deutsch and edited by D.V. Sklyadnev. SPb., 2000.