¹ 5 - 2010
Pastukhov V.B.

Ukrainian Revolution and Russian Counter-Revolution

Both Russia and Ukraine are mentioned in the title of this article. But in reality the article is neither about Russia, nor about Ukraine, it is about what is to be found “between them”: about interdependence of political processes, when revolution in one place provokes reaction in the other. To descry and properly appraise this interdependence, it is necessary to look at the newest political history of both Ukraine and Russia from a certain standpoint. A truth which is, after all, obvious enough, should be acknowledged: that the “Orange revolution” is not just the effect of an accident concurrence of circumstances, and that the changes in Russian politics after 2004 have had a pronounced “restoration” character. Ukrainian revolution provoked Russian counter-revolution. But that, possibly, will not be all there is to it, because the mutual influence of internal political processes of the neighbor countries is “a street with two-way traffic”.