¹ 6 - 2006
Kertman G.L.

Moscow Anomalies: an Excursion through the “Georating”

What is under consideration in the article is one of possible algorithms of using the “Georating”’s huge and regularly replenished data basis for purposes of analysis and research. Availing himself of the Moscow example, the author demonstrates the way in which even cursory examination of the bulk of the “Georating”’s data allows one to perceive specific features of the mentality and of the way of life of this or that region’s inhabitants, to make one’s ideas of the region more accurate and verified, to estimate the place it occupies in the general Russian system of coordinates. The “excursion” through the “Georating” reveals every reason to doubt the justice of the long-standing stereotype according to which Muscovites have notably left behind their fellow-citizens living in other regions, so far as interiorization of democratic values and assimilation of liberal approaches to socio-economic problems are concerned.