¹ 5 - 2006
Potapchuk Ye.Yu.

Fifth Essence (Transformation of the Metaphor in Modern Russian Political Discourse)

The motif of the article is to analyze transformation of metaphors in modern Russian politics. Pointing out that metaphor plays an essential role in legitimization of behaviour patterns, the author at the same time demonstrates that political metaphor remains a purely declarative element of “big” policy, if it is not transformed into practical activity organized at lower stages of power, this activity itself being possible only in a situation when metaphors that have appeared in the power discourse, are correlative with metaphors of everyday discourse. In case of a “conflict of metaphors”, the “high level” metaphors (including those contained in the President’s public speeches) prove to be not more than apt stylistic figures failing to influence the interactors’ consciousness. Since it is just everyday meanings that are perceived as undoubtedly true, it is they exactly, that fill the reality space, leaving no room for political metaphors. According to the author’s conclusion, success of the policy pursued by Putin’s administration depends on whether there are going to appear “through” metaphors and “through” communication channels in Russian society.