¹ 3 - 2006
Filippov A.F.

Political Esoterics and Political Technique in Carl Schmitt’s Conception

The attitude to politics as to an extraordinary kind of technique is closely related to the idea that mastering this technique requires special knowledge. The democratic belief that such knowledge can be mastered by any citizen, is confronted by the idea of an esoteric character of politics, according to which secret knowledge of the principles, tasks and methods of governing is accessible but to few. Turning to Carl Schmitt’s works, the author retraces how these ideas evolve. Reflections on conspirology and on the esoterics of power bring him to the conclusion of senselessness of exposing “conspiracies”, false consciousness, heartless technocracy etc. In modern epoch, technical knowledge doesn’t any more guarantee control of the course of events. Neither the people, nor the rulers, nor specialists can cope with what occurs irrespective of individual human will.