¹ 6 - 2005
Solovyov A.I.

The Swing-of-the-Pendulum Mechanism of State Decision Making: To the Substantiation of a Cognitive Model (I)

The article claims to investigate the process of state decision making (SDM) as such a socio-political and administrative mechanism of societal development, on whose condition many vitally important indices of the social organism’s functioning depend. The article’s second part published in this issue (for the first one see Polis, 2005, ¹ 5) exposes the swing-of-the-pendulum character of the SDM mechanism. The author demonstrates that the nature and the functioning of this mechanism are determined by three inner shears — the contour, the venture and the subjective ones, which point to non-linear organization of the object setting process in the state and to contradictoriness of the latter’s efforts in so far as they are conditioned by object matters. Being methodologically the result of a synthesis of SDM static and dynamic models, the concept of swing-of-the-pendulum mechanism enables organic combination of attributive parameters of object setting with their move, change, transformations, clearly demonstrating that this process can be adequately described through the analytical prism of state.