¹ 6 - 2005
A Round Table, Gavrilova M.V., Galkin A.A., Gaman-Golutvina O.V., Gelman V.Ya., Dakhin A.V., Ilyin M.V., Kosolapov N.A., Nikitin A.I., Smorgunov L.V., Farukshin M.Kh.

“We in the World — the World in Us”: 50 Years of the Integration of Our Country’s Political Science into the World One (Virtual Round Table)

In this issue, we are acquainting the readers with the materials of a virtual round table arranged by the journal in October to November, 2005. The participants were offered the following questions: What have the 50 years of integration within the world science in the long run meant for the country’s political science? What has the latter managed to take in and assimilate in these years? What contribution have the country’s political scientists made to the world political science? Which achievements of our country’s political science are up to the world level? What have the years of 1955 to 2005 turned out to be for our country’s political science? What has been done in this time? What is yet to be done? Those taking part in the discussion were: M.V.Gavrilova (St.Petersburg); A.A.Galkin (Moscow); O.V.Gaman-Golutvina (Moscow); V.Ya.Gel’man (St.Petersburg); A.V.Dakhin (Nizhniy Novgorod); M.V.Ilyin (Moscow); N.A.Kosolapov (Moscow); A.I.Nikitin (Moscow); L.V.Smorgunov (St.Petersburg); M.Kh.Farukshin (Kazan).