¹ 2 - 2005
Chikhichin V.V.

Politico-Geographical Images of RF Subjects: Factors of Formation (With Stavropol Territory as Example)

More than a little has already been written on politico-geographical images in the theoretical aspect. Much poorer is the state of affairs so far as the study of concrete territories’ images of the kind is concerned. Especially “deprived” in this respect are Russia’s regions. In those reconstructions of RF subjects’ images that are to be had at present, political component is practically lacking. In endeavour aimed at filling in this gap, the author analyzes a complex of geographical, historical, cultural, economic, social and political factors which influence the perception of Stavropol Territory by mass consciousness. The data he adduces, convincingly demonstrate that the Stavropol region is easily identified in Russia’s political space and is possessed of rather a clear-cut politico-geographical image.