¹ 2 - 2005
Filippov A.F.

Space of Political Events

Intent of the article is to discuss perspectives of joining the concepts of space and event as applied to political space as space of political events. Space is regarded by the author as conceptual scheme of the order of coexistence of bodies, positions, places. Depending on the character of observation, space may be referred to as locality, as region, as general space. Events are interpreted as unity — correlative to the observation act — of what is taking place and what occurs in space and time. The article introduces the idea of logical construction and figuration of events, gives definitions of absolute and relative events, as well as of political ones. In the author’s interpretation, political events in locality spaces are the power’s interferences in routine state of affairs. As for political events in regions, he relates these to redetermination of the practical scheme of people’s behaviour, and political events in general space — to the latter’s becoming thematized.