¹ 5 - 2004
Levkov S.A.

Khabarovsk Krai: Paradoxes of the Municipal Reform

It is prospects of the development of local self-government in Khabarovsk krai (territory) that are discussed in the article, in the light of the law “On General Principles of the Organization of Local Self-government in Russian Federation” enacted in 2003. On analyzing historical traditions of the territory and the situation that has arisen there by the present moment, the author comes to the conclusion that the reform of municipal organs, stipulated by the new law and presupposing, in particular, substantial broadening of the sphere of their competence, has neither financial, nor personnel-resource, nor cultural prerequisites to rely upon in the region. In his judgment, it will but swiftly and sizably increase the localities’ government expenses while decreasing the quality of such government, which may have, under the conditions of the Far East, disastrous consequences.