¹ 5 - 2004
Ilyin M.V.

Servitore dei Due Padroni (At the Intersection of the Competences of Political Science and International Studies)

The problems discussed in the article are those facing at present political science and international studies. With modernization growing deeper and entering the phase of globalization, world politics, in the author’s judgment, is turning today into the largest-scale and the most intensive manifestation of the Political and thus into the core of both political science and international studies. As an academic discipline, world politics is indistinctly structured as yet, and is still characterized by a gap between theoretical constructions and descriptive and interpretative research of various kinds; stating this, the author makes a suggestion that integration of the discipline could be furthered by developing its empirical, or comparative, component. Formation of comparative world politics as a special subdiscipline, he holds, will help ensure new consolidation of both political science and international studies, as well as effective interaction of the two spheres of knowledge.