¹ 5 - 2004
Lebedeva M.M.

Problems of Development of World Politics

Prospects of world politics turning into an integral political discipline, together with the ensuing problems, are considered in the article. Given the crucial changes going on today on the macro-political level, need for integration of international studies and classical politics makes itself acutely felt, the author states, but, as she, moreover, points out, primordial division of these disciplines may prove to be a serious impediment to the formation of integral political science. Theories of international relations, on the one hand, and political theories, on the other, have been dealing, throughout their development, with essentially different tasks: the former have been trying to clear up just how actors interact on the international scene, the latter — to comprehend what is politics and how it functions. Integrating the two disciplines will, accordingly, require an integral theory. No less serious difficulties, in the author’s opinion, may ensue from the fact that division of international studies and politics has assumed an institutional character and therefore their merging will be inevitably infringing on a good many people’s interests — those involving their status, financial ones, e.a.