¹ 3 - 2004
Peregudov S.P.

Transnational Corporations on the Way to Corporate Citizenship

Discussing transnational business development, the author is considering prospects thereof in accord with the concept, now gaining noticeable popularity, of corporate citizenship. The latter means not just social responsibility of business, but its active cooperation with various stakeholders, among them both global civil society structures and state institutions. What is indispensable, as the author stresses, for the inculcation of norms and principles of corporate citizenship in transnational corporations’ activity, is efficient impact of civil society organizations, as well as equal competitive conditions for business, to be guaranteed by the state. Fruitful interaction of the key agents of globalization (transnational business, global civil society, and national states) may, to a large extent, predetermine scenario of the formation of new world order, S.P.Peregudov maintains.