Ļ 3 - 2004
Shestopal Ye.B., Pishcheva T.N., Gikavy Ye.M., Zorin V.A.

The Image of V.V.Putin in Russian Citizensí Consciousness

The article summarizes the results of a research project which consisted in studying V.V.Putinís image that had formed in Russian citizensí consciousness, and which had been carried on for almost the whole of the 1st term of his presidency. Analysis of the data obtained has allowed a number of significant conclusions. Thus, the authors have noted a tendency indicative of citizensí demand for authoritarian type of government. The authors have shown, for that matter, that the extent of the requirement of authoritarian governance is larger in the center and among the youth than in peripheral regions and among people of elder age groups. The image of V.V.Putin was characterized by predominantly positive values assumed by all variables, which testifies to his aptness to answer the expectations of the populace and to adequately perform the role of leader. If, however, support of Putin was quite confidently expressed on the rational level of mass consciousness, then on the unconscious level, certain doubts were traceable, as to the effectiveness of his presidency. The Presidentís activity was estimated by the respondents positively on the whole, though its certain concrete spheres were being given negative estimations. So, it can be asserted, the authors maintain, that citizens expect from Putin more effectiveness in the solution of the stateís problems.