¹ 2 - 2004
Orlova G.A.

Denunciatory Information as Practiced in Russia, and Its Metamorphoses (Notes on Poetics of Political Communication)

The article presents an essay to investigate denunciatory information as one of the forms of political communication, and to retrace its evolution within a period of three centuries (18th to 20th) of Russian history. Analysis of legislative acts and archival documents, performed by the author, demonstrates that the attitude to denunciatory information, as well as the very forms of the latter, change as civil society takes shape in Russia. Under conditions of chronic deprivation of public forms of political participation, the average man, according to the author’s conclusion, resorts to practicing denunciatory information for the sake of influencing the power’s administrative, legal, and political decisions. Moreover, resort on the part of the state to scenarios of compulsory modernization destroying traditional ties of relationship and traditional social ties, inevitably entails expansion of denunciatory information practice.