POLIS Contents ¹ 1 - 2004

Editorial Introduction. Presenting This Issuep.5

A Round Table The Third Electoral Cycle in Russiap.6
Galkin A.A. On a Sensation Which Failed to Happenp.6
Kholodkovsky K.G. A Bureaucratic Dumap.9
Solovyov A.I. Electoral Default and De-institutionalization of Political Marketp.12
Lukin A.V. Dictatorship and Lifep.14
Busygina I.M. What Values Are Up in Price?p.17
Klyamkin I.M. Post-Modernity within Traditionalist Dimensionsp.18
Gaman-Golutvina O.V. Russia’s Parties at the Elections: a “Catch-All” Cartelp.22
Shestopal Ye.B. Authoritarian Demand for Democracy, or Why Oranges Don’t Grow in Russiap.25
Kovalev V.A. Solitude and Freedom (Prospects of Russian Politics in the Light of the Elections to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly, 4th Convocation)p.28
Dakhin A.V. Freshened Breath of the Imperial Ideap.32
Zamyatin D.N. A Show with the “Sold out” Notice About to Be Openedp.33
Sergeyev V.M. The Election Results and the Evolution of Russian Political Consciousnessp.35
Kuvaldin V.B., Malyutin M.V. From an “Electoral Pyramid” to the “Power Party”p.37
Lapkin V.V. Essentials of the Alternation of Russian Political Seasonsp.42
Shevtzova L.F. Change of Regime or of the System?p.46
Makarenko B.I. Parliamentary Elections of 2003 as Significative of Crisis of the Party Systemp.51
Malinovsky P.V. What Awaits Russia in the Nearest Half-Year? (Political Scenarios)p.66

Lapkin V.V., Pantin V.I. Vision and Adoption of Western Institutions and Values within Post-Soviet Dimensions: Experience of the Ukraine and Russiap.74
Ragozin N.P. Development of the Ukraine’s Party Systemp.89

Semenenko I.S. Cultural Factors and Mechanisms of the Formation of Russian National-Civilizational Identity on the Threshold of the 21st Centuryp.101
Kulagin V.M. The Regime Factor in External Policies of Post-Soviet Statesp.115
Turovsky R.F. The Problem of Centralization and the Models of Russian Regional Politics in the 13th to 16th Centuriesp.125

Shaptalov B.N. Russia’s Choice in the Light of “Classic Democracy”p.139
Rogozhina K.A. Russian Choice: from What Is Probable to What Is Obvious?p.150

Degtyarev A.A. Policy Analysis as an Applied Discipline: Subject Field and Lines of Developmentp.154

Information. New Democracies and/or New Autocracies? (Materials of a Round Table)p.169
Information. Elections in Russia and in France: Lessons for Political Sciencep.178

Suslov D.V. In the Scientific Genre of “Sociology of a Region” (Russia and the Baltic Countries: A Comprehensive Monographic Study)p.181