¹ 1 - 2004
Shaptalov B.N.

Russia’s Choice in the Light of “Classic Democracy”

In continuation of the discussion going on in the journal, on Russia’s historic choice, the author outlines his vision of the problem, pointing out that it is substantially important for such choice to have, for its basic support, “classical democracy”, i.e. autonomous proprietors’ power. He considers external expansion a vital necessity for such democracy. Proceeding from these theses, the author reviews Russia’s historical experience of having systematically joined external energy to her potentialities. In his opinion, the present-day model of economics in Russia is most unhappy, since it lacks sound and extensive economic expansion. The said lack makes for weakness of the country’s democracy. Russia ought to aim her economy at aggressive exportation of industry products and — to take a longer shot — she ought to supersede her present development paradigm by a democratic one, for transition to market cannot by itself change the country’s destiny, the author stresses.