6 - 2003
Chikharyov I.A.

Chronopolitical Studies: An Essay of Synthesis

The article presents a review in which the author throws light on problems related to the formation in Russia, of a new branch of political theory chronopolitics. He curtly characterizes purport of the studies in these problems, tackled and carried out during the past decade. Basic features of chronopolitical knowledge are set off, and its role in the study of the new world political processes described. Correlation of the categories of political space and political time, of geopolitics and chronopolitics, is, besides, dwelled upon. A generalized conception of the structure of chronopolitical knowledge is proposed, its methodological and strategic principles formulated. Chronopolitics is approached and discussed not only theoretically, but also in its applied aspect as one of the major requisites for working out political strategy under the conditions of globalization.