¹ 4 - 2003
Ufimtzev V.V.

But Has There Been Any Choice? 165

The article continues the discussion initiated in the Polis, 2003, ¹¹ 1 and 2, respectively in the articles by Yu.A.Krasin (“Russia’s Political Self-Determination: Problems of Option”) and by M.V.Ilyin (“Russian Choice: Made, Postponed, Cancelled?”) and then resumed in sessions of the 3d All-Russian congress of political scientists, of which the author was participant. The author makes up his mind to raise the question of whether Russian choice has taken place. He points to the place of Russian society as being reformed, in a system of coordinates he suggests. On the basis of the author’s dynamic model of politico-social balance, main orientations are proposed, directed to bringing the social system into balance and to achieving a real, not imaginary choice by Russian society.