¹ 2 - 2003
Magun A.V.

New Nomos of Earth (Carl Schmitt as Diagnostician of Modern Crisis in World Politics)

The author of the article reflects on the modern crisis in world politics and demonstrates that he may rightfully use as a guide in such reflections the works of C.Schmitt who as early as in the middle of the past century managed to discern tendencies that led in the long run to degradation of the New Time global law and order, to the undermining of the Nomos of Earth that had been established in the form of such law and order. Thereby C.Schmitt anticipated that very crisis in world politics, which, although it revealed itself with all evidence only after the disintegration of the bipolar “bloc-based” system (followed by erosion of international borders), but which, nevertheless, appears in works by C.Schmitt as something already revealed; he perceived this crisis, as is demonstrated in the article, in the disappearance of the definiteness of law and politics, which means, to his mind, impossibility of distinguishing the external and the internal, foe and friend. A propos of the pointedness of C.Schmitt’s pathos against universalist liberal ideology, the author points to the gist of it, which consists, in his opinion, in the thinker’s striving to impart real definiteness to law, to contrapose to the arising tendency of international law turning internal one, a reverse process of internal law turning international; meanwhile, as for the present-day unimorphization (the author’s term) and globalization of law, these trends, A.V.Magun holds, expose the world to the risk of total civil war, and in view of such eventuality the turning to C. Schmitt’s ideas appears to him quite topical.