2 - 2003
A Round Table, Belov G.A., Lebedeva T.P., Melville A.Yu., Nazarova Yu.S., Pokrovsky N.Ye., Ryseva I.A., Solovyov A.I.

Globalization. Modernization. Russia

In continuation of the theme of modernization, we now bring forward the materials of a round table whose participants undertook to discuss the correlation between modernization and globalization and to analyze the impact of these processes on Russia. Held in December 2002 at the Political Analysis Chair, State Administration Department, Moscow State University, the round table gathered as its participants research workers of the Chair: its Head G.A.Belov, D.Sc. (Philosophy); Professor A.I.Solovyov, D.Sc. (Politics); senior lecturer T.P.Lebeeva, Cand.Sc. (Philosophy); post-graduate students Yu.S.Nazarova and I.A.Ryseva; as well as the Dean of the Political Science Department, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (U) A.Yu.Melvil, D.Sc. (Philosophy); and Head of the Chair of Sociology, High School of Economics N.Ye.Pokrovsky, D.Sc. (Philosophy).