¹ 2 - 2003
Glubotzky A.Yu., Kynev A.V.

Experience of Mixed-System Elections in Russia’s Regions

The authors discuss available experience of a mixed, both majority-rule and proportional-representation electoral system applied for the formation of representative organs of power in regions of Russian Federation — experience now made topical by the new federal legislation prescribing as an obligatory norm participation of party lists in the election of regional parliaments. Analyzing electoral practice of nine subjects of Russian Federation in 1993 to 2002, the authors reveal general tendencies of such practice and hazard a number of conjectures, too. Thus, they predict for parties little known at the all-Russian level, “renaissance” at regional elections, prognosticate “diffusion” of existing parties’ regional branches, but also a revival of their activity. In the authors’ opinion, the Centre will get an opportunity for more complicated political combinations; regional politics on the whole, however, will assume a more civilized, a more democratic character.