¹ 5 - 2002
Peregudov S.P.

Corporate Capital and Power Institutions: Who Plays the Master?

The article by S.P. Peregudov presents analysis of the balance of forces that determine Russia’s contemporary political and socio-economic strategy. The author devotes particular attention to the interrelations of business and the power, trying to find out what kind of components make up the political weight of corporate capital. He also reveals further subjects of the “game in the political field”. While dwelling on the President’s role, he makes an inquiry as to what influence on the President’s decisions is exerted by “influence groups” occupying the most important positions in the government and in the presidential administration. The author comes to the conclusion that under the established alignment of political forces none of these forces possesses monopoly in strategic decision-making and the country’s all-round socio-economic development depends on their efficient interaction.