¹ 4 - 2002
Yerokhov I.A.

On Possibility of Political Morals 81

The author joins in the discussion, now under way among Russian political scientists and, in particular, political philosophers, on correlation of morals and politics. He issues from the existence of political rationality, specific for each society and therefore able to come in conflict with other versions of reason. Modern specific features of power relations are thoroughly discussed in the article; the author puts forward the problems of “interrogating” the power, i.e. of inquiry as to its legitimacy, of a juridical concept of power, etc. How is liberty possible? How is a policy distinct from that pursued by the power, possible? The author tries to answer these questions. In spite of all differences between themselves, people contrive to live together, and that, the author is convinced, means: we do possess political morals, hic et nunc.