¹ 4 - 2002
Vorozheykina T.Ye.

State and Society in Russia: the State-Centric Development Mould Exhausted

Having stated the tendencies of obvious “regeneration” of the central role of the state in Russia in recent years, the author poses the question of whether — and, for that matter, to what extent — an attempt to restore the state-centric mould can be a success under the modern conditions of globalization and, moreover, given today’s level of openness of Russia’s economy and society. The conclusion made is that the country’s eventual return to the traditional type of interrelations of state and society doesn’t stand very good chance, since the Russian state doesn’t any more possess administrative, political and ideological resources sufficient for howsoever consistent pursuance of such strategy. At the same time the author notes that Russian society has not yet developed mechanisms which would allow it to pass on to social, civil forms as such, of integration and, accordingly, to construct its relations with the state on a legal basis.