¹ 5 - 2001
Yerasov B.S.

Socio-Cultural and Geopolitical Principles of Eurasianism

Eurasianism, one of the trends of Russian social thought, came into existence in the 1920s. At present, it still attracts the attention of many scholars, public figures and politicians. In the article, the author discusses Eurasianists’ contribution to the comprehension of Russia’s history, to the determination of the prospects of her geopolitical and civilizational development. Considerable attention is concentrated on the place and significance of the civilizational approach the Eurasianists have been upholding, based on the disclosure of the originality and self-dependence of different civilizations and cultures, especially of Russia’s culture. In the author’s opinion, the problems of interaction of the peoples inhabiting the huge territories of Eurasia are still unsolved at the beginning of the 21st century. In the intense struggle of ideas which takes place in different countries of this area, the rich heritage of ideas proper to Eurasianism remains fruitful basis for large-scale solution of the old and new complicated problems.