Ļ 5 - 1999
Terracciano N.

Rosselli and Herzen: Two European Liberal Socialist Revolutionaries

An original historiographical investigation by an Italian researcher. Published on the occasion of a centenary since the birth of Carlo Rosselli, an outstanding Italian socialist and anti-fascist, one of the founders of the Justice and Liberty movement and of the Action Party in the period between the two world wars. The author shows, in particular, Rosselliís profound vision of the great epoch of Russian Revolution; of special interest is the researcherís penetration into the meaning of Alexander Herzenís heritage for Rosselliís ideological make-up; the author depicts the unique and organic conjunction of liberal, socialist and revolutionary components of both political thinkersí humanistic sense of history. Preceding the article is a reference note on Carlo Rosselli, by the journalís Political Director.