, 17 2009 .

The Journal’s Thematic Profile

Traditions of “Polis. Political Studies” journal, the first Russian journal in political science, as well as requirements of a complex approach to scientific understanding and analysis of fundamental patterns of political reality impel us to preserve the variety of research and methodological approaches in our publications. The editorial team proceeds from the assumption that Russian political science successfully passed the phase of formation and now is, on the one hand, a full-grown scientific discipline among the other scientific disciplines; on the other hand, it is an important and effectively developing segment of the world political science. The intra-disciplinary differentiation and interdisciplinary connections of political science are remarkably wide, which calls for a question of a more detailed specialization of journals in political science.

“Polis. Political Studies” journal is published since 1991, six times a year. It remains to be the leading Russian scientific, cultural and educational journal in political science and political sociology (according to the Russian Science Citation Index). Over the last years the Journal has become one of the most important centers of consolidation and structuring of the Russian political science community, a factor of integration of the Russian political science into the world one, as well as an important element of the university education in political science in the country. It is a platform for an intense discussion of various questions of political theory, world political development, modernization of domestic politeia. The Journal’s audience is the professional academic community, experts, decision makers, lecturers and students, and everyone interested in problems of political science methodology and study of political processes.

The Journal’s key spheres of interest are the following:   

  • theory and methodology of political science;
  • comparative studies in political science;
  • political sociology;
  • political philosophy;
  • studies of international relations and problems of international security;
  • studies of political culture and political identity;
  • institutional political science;
  • study of federalism and federalist relations problems;
  • study of political leadership problems.

Submitted articles should correspond to the “Polis. Political Studies” journal’s thematic profile and its scientific priorities.