, 17 2009 .

Guidelines for contributors (Editorial policy)

Submitted manuscripts must meet all the following requirements.

General rules

1. The manuscript’s volume should be within 30-40 thousand characters. The manuscript must conform to the Journal’s thematic profile, the following guidelines and international standards of scientific publications. It must represent results of an original scientific research conducted in a wider framework of domestic and foreign research on its topic, reflect the author’s ability to freely operate with bibliographic context on the issues concerned, to adequately apply the conventional methodology of setting up and solving scientific problems. The manuscript should be written in literary language, scientific style and be edited correspondingly. Inconsistency or invalidity of facts, quotes, statistic or sociological data, names, toponyms and other data may be a reason to decline the manuscript (on the registration stage also).

2. Besides articles, authors may submit brief information on the most outstanding events in political science community (up to 15 thousand characters) and review articles on the latest scientific literature (16-24 thousand characters). A review article sent by September, 1st of each current year must be related to a book published in the previous or the current year. Review article sent after September, 1st must be related to a book published strictly in the current year.

3. All tables and pictures in the manuscript should be numbered, have a title and links to them in the text. If the data was taken from another source, it should have a bibliographic link in a form of a footnote. All graphic data is only accepted in a form editable by MS Word instruments.

4. Acceptance of a manuscript for consideration gives no guarantee that it will be published by the Journal. The registered articles are examined by the editorial team and, in case of correspondence to formal and content requirements, sent to anonymous peer review. The editorial team reserves the right to edit and abridge manuscripts. Refusal by the author to accept such amendments could result in declining of the manuscript.