¹ 6 - 2013
Voskressenski A.D.

World Regional Studies and the Prospects of Non-Western (Sinocized) International Relations (IR) Theory

The international transformations in the last 100 years led to the new stage in the evolution, when the parameters of this evolution, as well as its conceptualization frameworks, were devised not only by the Western countries, as before. This situation forged the broadening of the IR field and the formation of such comprehensive, inter-disciplinary fields as: a) world regional studies and b) comparative world politics. Thus it is possible to delineate two new trends in researching the IR: the first orients itself to the creation of non-Western concepts of international relations and world politics; the second concentrates on broadening non-Western constructivists’ regional approaches “in between”, i.e. between the universalist global theories and theories of the local specifics based on the uniqueness of the country level phenomena.