¹ 4 - 2012
A Round Table, Shestopal Ye.B., Nesterova S.V., Smulkina N.V., Makarenko B.I., Kertman G.L., Mezhuyev B.V., Volodenkov S.V., Melville A.Yu., Lapkin V.V., Gaman-Golutvina O.V., Shtukina T.A., Dobrynina Ye.P., Shutov A.Yu.

Leaders’ Images in Mass Consciousness on the Eve of the Presidential Elections

Results of the study on the perception of political leaders who took part in Presidential elections 2012 was presented at the Round Table arranged by the Department of Sociology and Psychology of Politics, Faculty of Politics, Lomonosov Moscow State University on February 21, 2012. Discussion was focused on the changes in politicians’ perception that were found by the scholars in their study between the parliamentary and presidential elections.