№ 3 - 2012
Korotetskaya L.V.

Sociology of the New Time (On the New Dictionary by S.A. Kravchenko)

This rapid response to the latest publication, or, to be specifically exact, this rapid review of the “Dictionary of the Newest Sociological Lexicon” compiled by S.A. Kravchenko [Кравченко С.А. Словарь новейшей социологической лексики: теории, понятия, персоналии (с английскими эквивалентами). М., 2012. 000 с.], raises questions pertaining to the contemporary condition of the world sociology. The reviewer points to theoretical and practical significance of the newly published dictionary for a broad circle of readers. And besides, the reviewer notes, in particular, that the new publication is fit not only to serve as a reference book, but also to take upon itself certain functions of a manual.