¹ 4 - 2011
Rodionov V.A.

Mongolia We Never Knew

An extensive range of questions, related to theoretical and practical aspects of the concept of “Mongolian civilization”, is touched upon in “The Mongolian Pole of the Political Order of the World” – the monograph by A.S. Zheleznyakov, a well-known orientalist. Critical reappraisal of the “civilizational” conceptions, elaborated in their times by the scientists who are considered classics of research and of historiosophical comprehension of the phenomenon and of the very category of civilization (N.Ya. Danilevsky, A. Toynbee, O. Spengler, S. Huntington e.a.), allowed the author of the book to offer an essentially innovatory angle of approach to Mongolia as it exists in the system of world politics.