¹ 3 - 2011
Kakabadze Sh.Sh., Zaytzev D.G., Zvyagina D.G., Karastelyov V.G.

The Institution of Civil Participation: Checking up by the Entities’ Activity

It is on the basis of modern approaches provided by the new institutional theory that in the present article the institution of civil participation is reappraised as an integral phenomenon securing inclusion of citizens into the political government process. Characterization and analysis of the evolution and of the current state of the institution of civil participation are offered. As is demonstrated by the investigation developed, there are few real public entities, and civil entities are in minority. Nevertheless civil entities, because they possess qualities of a “competent” political actor, of a self-dependent subject of politics, with well-developed “social practical skills”, are able to form – and in reality do form – a new, not an imitative, but a real institution of civil participation oriented at citizens’ needs for influencing the process of political decision-making.