¹ 4 - 2010
Zamyatin D.N.

Metageographical Axes of Eurasia

The article presents introduction into the problems of metageography, i.e. of a particular interdisciplinary sphere of knowledge, which finds itself at the junction of science, philosophy and art (in a broad sense) and studies different possibilities, conditions, methods and discourses of geographical thinking and imagination. The author makes an extensive excursus into the history of elaboration of rationalist and scientist approaches to this notion since the first half of the 19th century. Special attention of the author is drawn by the problem of formation of the geographical image of Eurasia as a “World Island”, or an “island-continent”, by the fractality of the expanse of Eurasia. The discursive scheme of axial metageographical “assemblage” of Eurasia, proposed by the author, undoubtedly, presupposes substantial geopolitical, geocultural and geoeconomic implications.