¹ 4 - 2010
Rozov N.S.

The Imperative of Changing Russian National Mentality

Modernization of the social and economic structures, democratization of Russia’s political system are possible only through essential transformation of Russian citizens’ mentality, through display of their capacity for self-organization, for peaceful and civilized defense of their rights and interests. The article presents the main required changes of the deeper frames of the Russian mentality: “our/alien”, “the closer circle/the state”, “the higher ideals/profit” and “Russia/the West”. The initial steps of such transformation are considered in the article, to begin with. The very first step includes formation of small initiative groups (circles) for the common institutional solution of particular and local problems of interaction between citizens and the state, of problems of protecting personal rights and property, of preventive counteraction against political violence. As for the second step, it suggests attraction of citizens for discussing and solving urgent local problems, organization of regular seminars at universities with the participation of social researchers, statesmen, and businessmen.