¹ 1 - 2010
A Round Table, Galkin A.A., Kholodkovsky K.G., Pantin V.I., Zagladin N.V., Vaynshteyn G.I., Gaman-Golutvina O.V., Sadovaya E.S., Semenenko I.S., Lapkin V.V., Krasin Yu.A., Yasin E.G., Gont E.Sh., Sheynis V.L., Peregudov S.P., Fadeyeva L.A., Goricheva L.G.

Sociopolitical Consequences of Today’s Crisis and the Problems

The subjects of the discussions at the Round Table included particular features of today’s crisis and of its influence on the quality of democracy; exposure of the main sociopolitical risks and revelation of the resources of a way out of the crisis; estimation of the prospects and determination of the outlines of a new model of development for the world and for Russia. The material is divided into two parts according to the subject-matter: the first part throws light upon the world context of the crisis and contains estimations of Russia’s place; the second deals mainly with Russian problems.