¹ 3 - 2009
Melville A.Yu., Ilyin M.V., Meleshkina Ye.Yu., Mironyuk M.G., Polunin Yu.A., Sergeyev V.M., Timofeyev I.N.

Political Atlas-2: World Crisis Megatrends

The working group of the project “Political Atlas of the Modern Time” including the leaders – A.Melville, M.Ilyin, Ye.Meleshkina, M.Mironyuk, Yu.Polunin, V.Sergeyev, I.Timofeyev, Ya.Vaslavsky, B.Makarenko – and dozens of analysts working within separate project directions, presents the second stage of the realization of the project (2007-2009) – “Political Atlas-2”. At this stage were formulated methodological approaches for 1) solving the task of analyzing of the world system and concrete countries and 2) producing “The Encyclopaedia of political systems of modern states”, including analysis of institutions and processes in all countries of the world in a wide historical, economical, and social context.