¹ 3 - 2009
Rozov N.S.

Global Crisis in the Context of World Development Megatrends and Prospects of the Russian Policy

The nature of a global economic crisis is considered as one in a series of financial crises, in the context of Kondratieffs’ cycles and the world-system paradigm. The core megatrend generating crises is designated as a permanent backlog of development of institutions and practices of maintenance of the economic responsibility from growth of speed, density and scales of economic interactions and processes. Expansion and overcoming of the crisis are presented by the concept of three Megatrends of world development (I Westernization—Globalization; II – Protest—Isolationism; III – Partnership on democratic and humanistic basis). Probable forks and scenarios of the Russian political future are presented in the context of three crises: 1) the world economic crisis; 2) the hidden systemic crisis growing in Russia; and 3) the expected socio-political crisis.