¹ 5 - 2007
Pivovarov Yu.S.

The Sources and the Essence of the Russian Revolution

The article presents a broad panorama of the development of the Russian Revolution in a comparativist context and poses the problem of the structural dimension of this grandiose historical drama. The author proves that the Russian Revolution is a much more profound, larger-scale and more complex phenomenon than the Russian communism. In his opinion, the bolshevist revolution was a more complex historical phenomenon than the Emancipation revolution and the Community ones. No doubt, in Russia, an anthropological catastrophe took place in the century that has just passed, the Russian twentieth century turned out the result of the Revolution that sustained utter defeat. The losers were all: the people, the intelligentsia, the priesthood, the elites etc. The author makes the conclusion that, unfortunately, Russian society doesn’t want to understand it, and this means that the bolshevist revolution is still going on.