¹ 5 - 2007
Malinova O.Yu.

Social Inequality in the Mirror of Public Policy

«Social Inequality and Public Policy» is a research realized and published by experts of the Gorbachev Foundation and of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is focused on the social differentiation of Russian society and on its reflection in public policy. The authors of the monograph reviewed in the work presented here, dwell thoroughly on the economic content of inequality, present system analysis of the inequality problem in the context of development, substantiate the concepts of «normal» and «redundant» inequality. Recommendations are formulated for overcoming the «redundant» level of inequality, within the framework of the socio-economic policy of the state and of initiatives in the sphere of corporative social responsibility. The results are published, of a complex sociological research related to the attitude of Russian society toward the problems of inequality. Special attention in the review is given also to non-economic factors of inequality, to its territorial dimension and to prospects of social consolidation and development in the context of the world experience.