¹ 5 - 2007
Ilyin M.V.

Conceptual Homonymy: Constitutions and Regimes. Generations of Constitutions

The journal is opening a new section - «Ideas for Further Cultivation» in order to attract the attention of the political science community, of politicians and citizens to ideas that need development and clearer and more consistent conceptualization by our political scientists. M.V.Ilyin, a notable political scientist, who has a relish for analysis at the level of concepts, has suggested to the journal two ideas which involve uncommon comprehension of the nature of constitutions and of regimes, as well as distinguishing generations, or orders, of constitutions. The author destroys the conceptual homonymy of the terms «constitution» and «regime», and so doing, he proceeds from the assumption that constitution presupposes fixation of invariable characteristics of modern political organization, whereas regime fixes variable characteristics of modern political organization.