4 - 2005
A Round Table, Afontzev S.A., Segbers K., Ilyin M.V., Kulagin V.M., Lebedeva M.M., Rykhtik M.I., Solovyov A.I., Feldman D.M., Tzygankov A.P., Tzygankov P.A.

World Politics: Agenda for Tomorrow (Virtual Round Table)

In this issue, we present materials of a virtual round table arranged by the journal in May and June, 2005. Two questions were offered for consideration: Development of what tendencies in the world politics appears to be important? How may they manifest themselves phenomenologically and, consequently, what agenda in world politics shall we face tomorrow? Participants of the discussion: S.A.Afontzev (Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian academy of sciences); M.V.Ilyin, V.M.Kulagin, M.M.Lebedeva, D.M.Feldman (Moscow State Institute (University) of International Relations); M.I.Rykhtik (Nizhni Novgorod University); K.Segbers (Free University of Berlin); A.I.Solovyov, P.A.Tzygankov (Moscow State University); A.P.Tzygankov (San Francisco University).