¹ 6 - 2002
Zakharov A.A.

Federalism and the Globalization

The globalization processes that are gaining scope in the world, make federalist ideas highly required, the author states. Federalist methods of decision making are the most suitable for a world in which all is interconnected and interdependent, and today’s world dynamics gives rise to, and encourages federative practices and institutions. Within the general state of things thus characterized, federalism is applied to the fulfillment of differing tasks in different parts of the earth. In developing, and often also in former communist countries, federalism is first of all appealed to for the solution of the national question, whereas in the post-industrial world it is the regional politics that acquire the greatest significance. Particular attention is given in the article to Russia’s federative arrangement which, in the author’s opinion, all the more urgently needs to be reformed in view of the country’s ever more active integration into the global whole.