¹ 3 - 2001
Feldman D.M.

Byelorussia: Political Regime in the International Context (On an Essay of a Systemic Study)

Review of a book published in the past year by the Moscow Social Science Foundation. The book, by K.Ye.Koktysh, is entitled “Transformation of the Political Regime in Republic of Byelarus”. The reviewer holds that systematic analysis coherently carried out, has allowed the author of the book to apply “more or less correct” criteria in assessing the change of Byelorussia’s socio-political system. The approach applied helps the author of the book not only to reveal and describe Byelorassia’s specific features in the transformation of her political regime during the 1990s, with the sources and the determination of the process duly demonstrated, but also to establish correlation of proper Byelorussian and generally Soviet tendencies and motive forces of the societal systemic crisis after the “real socialism”. The reviewer, furthermore, points to the interrelation, as revealed and retraced in the book, of the political regime transformation in Republic of Byelarus and the course of Russian-Byelorussian integration, as well as to Byelorussia’s real role, as also analyzed in the book, in Russian politics, in international relations within the post-Soviet expanse, and in the world arena.