¹ 3 - 2000
Lukin A.V.

Democratization or Clanization? (Evolution of Western Researchers’ Views on the Changes in Russia)

D. Sc. (Philosophy) A.V.Lukin offers a vast analytical review of works by American and West European authors on socio-economic and political processes in post-Soviet Russia. The author of the review discusses mostly works of a complex character presenting original views on Russian reality. These are, first of all, works based not so much on approaches that have proved hardly applicable to the said reality (like “democratization theory” or “transitology”), as on the application of concepts and methods of historical science, anthropology, broad historical comparison (such is, for example, the hypothesis of a “clan” character of post-communist society). It is in the light of the theme of the review that the author discusses, in conclusion, topical problems of the development of Russian political science. The research of Russian society, in his opinion, both in Russia and in the West, can report just first steps on the way of theorization.