POLIS Contents 3 - 1998

Editorial Introduction. Presenting This Issuep.4

Polokhalo V. Political Science of Post-Communism in Ukraine and Russia (To the Methodology of Political Analysis) p.7
Kholodkovsky K.G. Social Roots of Ideological-Political Differentiation of Russian Society p.16
Gordon L.A. Society of the "Discontented" (Features of Mass Consciousness in a Transition Period) p.32
Makeyev S. Processes of Social Structurization in Today's Ukraine p.49
Lapkin V.V. The Landscape on the Eve of the Battle (Russian Electorate as Seen Two Years before the Presidentials) p.61
Tomenko M. The Results of the Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine (The Population's Orientations and Preferences) p.74
Ilyin M.V. Stages of the Formation of Inner Geopolitics of Russia and Ukraine p.82
Kolosov V.A. Primordialism and Modern National-State Building . p.95
Pakhomov Yu. Ukraine and Russia on the Waves of Globalization (Economic Aspect) p.107
Sidenko V. The Russian Factor in the Ukrainian Politics of Socio-Economic and Geoeconomic Transformation p.115
Dergachev A. Ukraine in Modem Geopolitical Upheavals p.124

Zamyatin D.N. The Modelling of Geopolitical Situations (With Central Asia in the Second Half of the 19th Century as Example) (II) . p.133

Nikitina A.G. On "Just How" Political Science as a Scientific Discipline Is Possible (Formation and Basic Methodological Problems) p.147
Amelin V.N., Degtyarev A.A. Experience of the Development of Applied Political Science in Russia p.157
Yakovlev I.G. Information-Analytical Technologies and Political Consulting (II) p.179

Borov Kh., Dzamikhov K.F. Russia and Northern Caucasus (Modern Political Experience in a Historical Context) p.192
Zotova Z.M., Salikov M.S. Federative Arrangement of Russia: Two Positions. p.204
Morozov I.L. Left Extremism in Modem Society: Features of Strategy and Tactics p.211

Salmin A.M. Political Development of Russia and Topical Problems of Political Science p.220